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Clean,","13928730p-14492630c| CHEV Corvette 2001 Coupe, LS-1, 350/350, 6spd, all","13912054p-14478120c| CHEV Corvette 2003 Coupe, spriral grey, 53k mi,","13918325p-14483703c| CHEV Corvette 2004 flawless, silver, ext warr, 26k","13418663p-14034426c| CHEV Corvette Z06 2002 30K mi, Silver, xlnt cond","13902601p-14469739c| CHEV El Camino 1987 1 owner, clean, 350. $7000 559/","13921449p-14486361c| CHEV El Camino 1987 350, runs good $5500/obo 559/454-1940","13925315p-14489899c| CHEV El Camino SS 1978 loaded, IROC whls, candy","13910884p-14476970c| CHEV Express 2003 Cargo Van, white, 75k mi. AC $10,500/obo.","13894896p-14463115c| CHEV Impala 1966 Sport Cpe. completely restored,","13902623p-14469773c| CHEV Impala LT 2007 pwr/tilt/cruise Loaded! 20k","13921438p-14486344c| CHEV Lumina 1998 lo mi, A/C, current tags reliable","13921441p-14486337c| CHEV Malibu2001 76k mi, $3,600 559-439-8001 ","13910886p-14476974c| CHEV Malibu 2006 LT HUGE DISCOUNT SALE Priced $12,999","13902622p-14469720c| CHEV Pickup 1970 short bed $1000 parts in box Asking","13925340p-14489865c| CHEV PU 1966 Big window, match #'s, Pristine, $12,000","13921442p-14486346c| CHEV Venture 2003 AT PDL, PW, A/C, CD, runn- ing","13921434p-14486329c| CHRY 300 2005 Touring Sedan, 60K mi, Silver w/charcoal","13889671p-14458101c| CHRY 300M 2006 Xlnt cond, 11K mi $26,950. 559- 355-6826","13925335p-14489928c| CHRY LHS 1994 120K mi, lthr, smogged, clean title,","13883817p-14452798c| CHRY Mini Van 1996 Runs good $3000. 559- 277-5215","13912055p-14478127c| CHRY Sebring 1997 GXI AT, V6, Convert, xlnt cond","13906096p-14472658c| DODGE Caravan 1994 AT, A/C, 133k mi, V6, PS, CD.","13925302p-14489873c| DODGE Caravan 1998 Xlnt cond, clean $4500 Bob 559-276-1942","13918328p-14483683c| DODGE Charge 1972 xlnt cond, Must See! $14,200 559-","13888363p-14456980c| DODGE Dart 1965 SW Slant 6, extras, runs great.","13928720p-14492639c| DODGE Grand Caravan 2000 53K w/ factory warr., Pristine,","12893754p-13554617c| DODGE Intrepid 1994 V6 3.3L New Tires & Rotors.","13898677p-14466350c| DODGE Intrepid 1999 great body, tinted windows,","13925320p-14489913c| DODGE Neon 2005 SE 41k mi, AT, AC, clean, 32MPG,","13894893p-14463109c| DODGE Sedan 1927 4dr, some restoration. $4000 Call","13910882p-14476964c| FORD Crown Vic 2004 SUPER CLEAN! GREAT DEAL #125371","13889667p-14458108c| FORD E150 Cargo Van 2003 AC, 25K mi, clean $10k","13918316p-14483676c| FORD Econoline150 1988 Cargo work van, PS, PB, A/C,","13925324p-14489902c| FORD Mustang 1965 rebuilt eng, AT, needs minor cosmetic","13921440p-14486347c| FORD Mustang 1968 Fast Back, J Code, 390, 4spd,","13898680p-14466341c| FORD Mustang 1984 LX convert, 5.0, very clean $3250/obo","13898672p-14466305c| FORD Mustang 1991 convert V8 5.0 good cond 120k","13452422p-14064925c| FORD MUSTANG 1999 Great Value, Silver, $6,000 393-9017","13894890p-14463093c| FORD Mustang 2001 very clean, 5-spd, PW, AC, 76k","13912051p-14478110c| FORD Mustang 2003. Runs well, needs some body work","13921453p-14486365c| FORD Mustang 2005 GT 13k, AT, black on black, show","13889686p-14458136c| FORD Mustang 2006 37k mi, manual, Nav, DVD, super","13889666p-14458103c| FORD Mustang Coupe 1966 302, extras $10500 FIRM!","13912059p-14478134c| FORD Mustang GT 1991. Manual, well maint, $5300/obo.","13918314p-14483675c| FORD Pickup 1958 Big window LB 429 cobra motor,","13910887p-14476976c| FORD PU 1953, Project, no eng/trans, tilt front","13921436p-14486333c| FORD PU 1965, runs, lic orig eng, $4,000 559-228-1805","13438102p-14051772c| FORD PU Unibody 1961 rebuilt 13k, great work truck","13888366p-14456989c| FORD Taurus 2002 48k 10CD, xlnt cond $6775/OBO 559/269-3948","13925331p-14489938c| FORD Taurus 2002 SES 4dr, AT, A/C, LOADED! $3850","13888373p-14456967c| FORD TBird 1984 98K mi, white, 1 owner, 6cyl $1000.","13925300p-14489866c| GEO Prism 1994 4dr, runs great. $2,200/obo Call","13921439p-14486348c| GEO Prism 1994 great mi, dependable white $2200","13894891p-14463090c| GEO Prism 1996 Xlnt, A/C, 5spd, 1 owner. $2200/obo","13888364p-14456977c| GEO Prizm 1994 AT 4dr, 110k mi, $1650/obo 559-892-6881","13928719p-14492638c| GMC 1971 Custom Fleetside. Factory air, xlnt cond","13888361p-14456979c| HONDA Accord 1985 LX, 40k mi, tagged, smogged. $1450/obo","13889685p-14458150c| HONDA Accord 1989 EX AT, A/C, 4dr, runs good. $1300/obo","13928727p-14492651c| HONDA Accord 1991 AT, AC, 147K mi, good cond $1950.","13925316p-14489905c| HONDA Accord 1998 LX 4dr, AT, loaded, like new $5350","13889670p-14458115c| HONDA Accord 2003 LX, 70k, dark blue, great cond","13912064p-14478141c| HONDA Accord EX 2002 76K mi, good cond $7000 559-","12913282p-13571340c| HONDA ACCORD EX 2004 61k mi, white, sedan, auto,","12991972p-13641779c| HONDA Accord LX 1999 AT, well maintd, good cond,","13902626p-14469760c| HONDA Accord LX 2006 4dr 4cyl AT Like NEW! $17,900","13908083p-14474550c| HONDA Civic 1990 $800 For Listings 1-800-749-4260","13902620p-14469744c| HONDA CRX 1986, 5 spd. AC. Runs great. $3250. 559-977-8910","13921433p-14486324c| HONDA Odyssey EX 2003 New condition Lthr int, All","13902624p-14469750c| HONDA Prelude 1997 AT, silver, good cond, $7000.","13889669p-14458111c| HONDA'S FROM a $500! Police Impounds! Listings 1-800-749-4260","13902627p-14469763c| HYUNDAI Accent GL 2001 92K mi, AT AC $3600 dlr 313-7823","13898668p-14466312c| HYUNDAI Elantra 2000 loaded, xlnt cond, great gas,","13906093p-14472654c| HYUNDAI GX300 2001 AT, fully load, xlnt cond. $5400/obo","13902617p-14469694c| HYUNDAI Sonata 2002 AT, xlnt cond $4900 559/593-3024","13912058p-14478132c|","13889668p-14458110c| INFINITI Q45 2002 Platinum, tan lthr int, 93k mi,","13355826p-13979989c| JAG XJ6 1977. Brand new tires, manifold, carb, battery,","13902614p-14469768c| JAG XJ8 1998 Beauty, Toupe, 1 owner, new tires,","13925333p-14489927c| JAG XK8 1999 Convert. Like new. A BEAUTY! 73K orig.","13912057p-14478129c| KIA Rio 2001 AT, AC, xlnt cond $3400 OBO 559/323-6632","13921452p-14486364c| LEXUS ES300 1993 runs great, $2200/obo 559-270-5081","13883818p-14452776c| LEXUS ES330 2005 20'' whls, fully loaded, incl Nav","13925308p-14489893c| LEXUS IS300 2001 87k mi 18'' rims, custom paint.","13921437p-14486309c| LEXUS LS400 1990 4dr, fully loaded, good cond. $3500","13888358p-14456969c| LEXUS LS 400. 1993. Xlnt cond. in/out. $5900. 559-974-3313","13902628p-14469747c| LEXUS LS430 2002 Pearl white, Loaded, lthr, Mnrf,","13925309p-14489895c| LEXUS RX300 1999 Silver w/chargoal grey interior","13925342p-14489933c| LEXUS RX300 1999 Silver w/chargoal grey interior","13906091p-14472642c| LINC Continental 2001, 32V 4.6L V8 275HP, lthr loaded,","13902602p-14469719c| LINC LS 2003 8cyl Lthr Mnrf, Heated seats, Loaded!","13925307p-14489888c| MAZDA Tribute 2004 great cond, fully loaded, sunroof","12634564p-13338055c| MERCEDES 280E 1977. 137k, 1 owner, Xlnt cond, $2,800","13912063p-14478140c| MERCEDES 300SD 1984 Good maintenance Runs &","13883820p-14452795c| MERCEDES 360SE 1985 Great condition, smogged $4000.","13925322p-14489884c| MERCEDES 380SE 1984 all lthr, PW, Pseats, perfect,","13889684p-14458153c| MERCEDES 450SL 1979. 2 tops, 82K mi, runs great,","13925339p-14489930c| MERCEDES Benz C320 2003 2dr Coupe 33k mi, V6, AT,","13921450p-14486362c| MERCEDES-BENZ E320 2003 41k mi, Platinum Blue, xlnt","13898670p-14466322c| MERCEDES C280 1996 white 171k mi, all records, good","13902597p-14469724c| MERCEDES C320 2003, 17,200mi. Immac cond. Loaded.","13925334p-14489923c| MERCEDES CLK320 2004 Cpe CD chgr 37k AT Lthr Moonrf","13888369p-14456996c| MERCEDES E320 1995 black/grey xlnt cond $4300/obo","13925327p-14489907c| MERCEDES E320 2004 Black 1owner, pwr, mnrf, cd chgr","13889689p-14458117c| MERCEDES E500 2003 46k mi, 100k mi ext warr, desert","13925317p-14489908c| MERCEDES E500 2003 4dr 1 owner, pwr, moonrf cd chgr","13921451p-14486349c| MERCEDES E55 2005 AMG, As NEW! 47k mi, $49,900.","13928724p-14492643c| MERCEDES S320 1997 LWB, 4dr Sedan, 144K mi, metallic","13925301p-14489867c| MERCEDES S430 2000 Silver w/Grey interior $15,500/obo","13925313p-14489868c| MERCEDES S430 2003 sport silver, lthr, mnrf pwr","13888367p-14456988c| MERCEDES S500 2000 low mileage, clean $23k w/out","13925332p-14489904c| MERCEDES slk320 2003 Lo mi, pwr, cd, Loaded! leather","13889683p-14458106c| MERC Tracer 1997 39 MPG, 5spd, 102k mi, CD, A/C,","13918317p-14483680c| MERCURY Mariner Hybrid 2006 25k xlnt cond $26,5","13373470p-13994526c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13370985p-13992224c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13378106p-13998781c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13382029p-14002361c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13379466p-13999934c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13385837p-14005649c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13389889p-14009090c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13394641p-14013110c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13396712p-14014790c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13399282p-14017166c| MERCURY Sable 1991 AT PL, PW, Clean, V6 $995. As","13925330p-14489937c| MERCURY Topaz 1992 4cyl, runs & looks good $995.","13918318p-14483686c| MERCURY Tracer 1997 39mpg, 5spd, 102k mi, CD, AC,","13889673p-14458127c| MERCURY Villager 1994 7 pass., Rear Air & radio,","13898678p-14466357c| MG Midget 1979 Runs good, need top. Smog'd $3500/obo.","13888371p-14456975c| MINI COOPER 2002 $15,900 (559)332-2767 ","13906092p-14472653c| MINI Cooper S 2005 JCW pkg, loaded, blk on blk,","13902600p-14469735c| MITSUBISHI Galant 2002 1 Owner, Loaded! Sharp! $6900","13925326p-14489925c| MITSUBISHI Galant 2003 AT, A/C, CD, fully loaded,","13925311p-14489890c| MITSUBISHI Galant ES 2000, AT A/C 4dr loaded $5350","13902606p-14469730c| NISSAN 350Z 2005 Roadster 19k mi, $23,500 Extras","13921444p-14486341c| NISSAN Altima 2001 65k, 5spd, PW, PL, CD, AC, Alloys,","13902611p-14469733c| NISSAN Altima 2003 2.5S 54k mi, pewter, xlnt cond.","13889678p-14458144c| NISSAN Altima 2.5S 2005 PW, PL, Alloy whls, xlnt","13902619p-14469769c| NISSAN Altima 2.5 S 2005 Very clean! $12,995 dlr","13928723p-14492642c| NISSAN Maxima 1998 142K mi, clean, needs trans work","13906097p-14472640c| NISSAN Sentra 2002 GXE 4 cyl. AT, AC, fully loaded,","13921431p-14486311c| OLDS Alero GLS 2000 Lthr, Bose, Prem suspension","13925310p-14489896c| OLDS Cutlass 1998 138k tan all pwr smogged runs","13921456p-14486335c| OLDS Cutlass Sup 1995 2dr cpe Loaded V6 AC AT $2995","13898669p-14466316c| PLYM Voyager Van 1997 7 pass., 125K, 2 baby seats,","13918332p-14483706c| PONT Firebird 2000 loaded, T-top, AT, 76k, $9500/obo","13889679p-14458109c| PONT Grand Am 1998 AT, A/C, 4dr, runs good. $2000/obo","13889677p-14458139c| PONT Grand Am 2005 Good condition, 45k mi. $9500","13888370p-14457001c| PONT Grand Prix 1992 Great Cond $3000/OBO. 559-322-1213","13925323p-14489900c| PONTIAC G6 GT 2006 31k mi, AT, salvaged title $9500","13928722p-14492641c| PONT Montana 2000 EXT 4dr, Loaded! V6 Lo mi AC AT","13898676p-14466355c| PORSCHE 944 1983 Pearl white, great cond. $5500","13921455p-14486304c| PORSCHE Boxter S 2002 120k mi, xlnt, clean title,","13910885p-14476973c| PORSHE Boxster S 2000 18K mi. New $65K. SELL $22,900","13883813p-14452778c| SAAB Conv Turbo 93 2002 almost new, only 37500mi,","13910881p-14476958c| SATURN Ion 2005 Low Low Miles SALE Priced $10,999","13888360p-14456978c| SATURN Ion2 2003 Cpe 35k mi, moonroof, AT, xlnt","13883815p-14452787c| SATURN Ion 3 2006 13K mi, black w/tinted windows,","13902599p-14469731c| SATURN L200 2002, sunroof, 6cd, alloy whls. Upgraded","13902618p-14469762c| SATURN S 2001, 4dr. AT. AC. Like new. $3850. 559-977-8910","12517273p-13231837c| SATURN SC1 1995 156,600 mi, Dependable, Red, Coupe,","13883814p-14452790c| SATURN SL2 1995 immac, 5spd, AC, CD, 4dr, 120k,","13889688p-14458138c| SATURN SL2 2000 87K miles, good cond $2500/OBO.","13918313p-14483671c| SATURN S-Series 1997 Very clean. $2000 559/ 519-1978","13918324p-14483702c| SPILTFIRE 1979 xlnt cond, Must See! $3,500 559-","13928726p-14492650c| SUZUKI Aerio 2003 4dr, AT, all pwr, CD, smogged,","13925329p-14489934c| TOYOTA Avalon 2003 silver gray, 39k, xlnt cond $15K","13910883p-14476954c| TOYOTA Camry 1984 $1,000/obo 559-298-9554 ","13902625p-14469723c| TOYOTA CAMRY 1995, LE, 4 dr, AT. AC. Like new. $4850.","13921445p-14486355c| TOYOTA Camry 2000 CE Carfax incl, 73k mi, like new.","13925321p-14489875c| TOYOTA Camry 2003 LE 4cyl A/C PW, 70k silver $11.9k","13918315p-14483679c| TOYOTA Camry 2004 27K mi, xlnt condition, Very clean","13921430p-14486300c| TOYOTA Camry CE 2000 charcoal gray, 4dr Sedan 75,092","13898673p-14466342c| TOYOTA Camry LE 2007 10k mi, MP3, CD, Fact Warr.","13918330p-14483705c| TOYOTA Camry SE 2007 sunroof white, lthr $21,500","13925303p-14489878c| TOYOTA Camry Solara 2001 Xlnt cond, low mi, Silver/Black","13912052p-14478115c| TOYOTA Celica 1988 5spd,white, runs good cond 559/322-2066","13918319p-14483693c| TOYOTA Celica 2001. 58K, new tires, smog'd, $8800/obo","13918323p-14483672c| TOYOTA Corolla 2002, 40k mi, Garaged. AT, A/C $9,800.","13921443p-14486308c| TOYOTA Corolla LE 2002 AT, AC, Low mi, Loaded! All","13918331p-14483711c| TOYOTA Corolla LE 2003 1 owner, Xlnt, 93K hwy mi","13902595p-14469707c| TOYOTA Corolla LE 2005 4-dr, silver, 42500 mi, $11,500/obo","13925319p-14489909c| TOYOTA Corolla/Prism 2001 loaded 40mpg, white Xlnt","13898675p-14466347c| TOYOTA Corolla S 2006 AT, A/C, CD $12,400/obo 559/457-8471","12575838p-13284982c| TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 26,000 mi, Pristine, loaded, GPS,","13921446p-14486316c| TOYOTA Solara 2006 Excellent condition, automatic,","13921457p-14486305c| TOYOTA T100 1997 210K mi, electrical problems $4500.","13906094p-14472655c| TOYOTA Tercel 1995 AT, AC, 76k mi, new tires $3900","13925341p-14489859c| TOYOTA Tercel 1995 Silver/Blue, Grey, 2dr, runs","13921447p-14486303c| TOYOTA Tercel 1996 2dr, AT, xlnt, 142K hwy mi $2800/obo","13902603p-14469741c| VOLVO 740GLE 1990 AC, sunroof, runs great $1500","13918320p-14483695c| VW BAJA BUG 1961 Ready for the show $5500. 209-966-6292","13902596p-14469722c| VW Beetle 1977 Rebuilt eng/trans, runs great, good","13918321p-14483670c| VW Bug 1971 clean, needs eng $1000/obo Please call","13925338p-14489926c| VW Convertible 1970 orange bug, rag top, mechanically","12239230p-12978773c| VW Golf 2001 Blue 5spd 100k mi $6500. 960-7416 ","13902609p-14469753c|","13925328p-14489932c| VW JETTA GLS 2000 Alpine White, 5spd, new tires,","13925306p-14489891c| VW Passat 1998 GLX Wagon, low miles, loaded. $3850","12386974p-13113165c| VW PASSAT 2002 GLS 1.8T 32k mi, Titanium Blue, Lthr,","13888365p-14456983c| VW Passat GLX 1998 Wagon, loaded, 95K mi $4350.","13912061p-14478138c| VW Sedan 1968 very clean, $3,500 367-7446 or after","13902612p-14469716c| VW Super Beetle 1974 new motor / tires, lots of","13894895p-14463114c| WANTED: Chev Cameo PU 559-855-8832 ","13912060p-14478133c| WANTED: Dodge Challenger or Cuda E-body, Must be","13912053p-14478119c| WANTED: Mustang 1964-1971 Must be in orig cond,","13902610p-14469761c| YAMAHA 110CC 1974 needs work, great body. $350/obo","xxx" ]; adarray[1] = ["13925299p-14489555c| 3000 Empty 8 frame deep boxes. $6ea. 900 8 frame","13912050p-14477940c| AFRICAN Gray Parrot. 18mo male. Trained, talks,","13918303p-14483749c| ANATOLIAN Shepard 1yr old F/$150. Lab/Rottwiler","13906088p-14472503c| ANGLO-ARABIAN Geld, 16H, bay w/ black mane &","13889656p-14458203c| APHA Barrel Horse, Breeding stock mare, 15yr old.","13902590p-14469825c| APHA Black/White, 17yr mare & 9yr Gelding $1800/OBO.","13889659p-14458192c| AQHA 6yr old black gelding, gentle & handsome,","13902587p-14469838c| AQHA Gelding 2.5 yrs. 15h, nice mover, ready to","13902593p-14469832c| AQUARIUM Tenecor bow front 100-gal, Maple Canopy/stand,","13910871p-14477026c| ARABIAN, Half, Reg. Totally broke, ribbons in Western","13883803p-14452834c| AUSTRALIAN Shepherd Mini Puppies AKC $400-$500 559/304-5300","13902592p-14469836c| AUSTRALIAN Shepherd Pups, purebred, $150. (559)","13918302p-14483748c| BASSET Hound F/17wks cert of pedigree micro chip,","13925289p-14489537c| BASSET HOUND Pups 8wks, purebred Lemon & Tri,","13906089p-14472508c| BASSETT HOUND Puppies, 1st & 2nd shots, wormed","13921421p-14486428c| BAY Horses (2) good trail, gelding, 16yrs old, $900/ea","13889653p-14458189c| BEAGLE Pups 3 males, 3 fem, Tri-color, parents on","13150709p-13796048c| BEAGLE Purebred 14mos shots, great with kids, needs","12420966p-13143796c| BEAGLES AKC pups Champlines shots,wormed, heath","13902585p-14469830c| BICHON-POO Pups small fluffy white allery friendly","13883812p-14452840c| BIRDS $5 & UP. CAGES $5 & UP. Handfed birds","13928717p-14492611c| BOBCAT Hybrid Desert Lynx kittens, 1st shots, vet","13925297p-14489554c| BOSTON TERRIER PUPS 8WKS $500/ea 559- 655-5811 ","13490353p-14098686c|","13902588p-14469839c| BOSTON Terrier Pups, AKC, papers, xlnt pedigree,","13928716p-14492610c| BOXER AKC pups fawns, 1 white $400, (559)451-7818","13910877p-14477032c| BOXER Pups 12wks All shots decalwed, tails, hse","13906080p-14472506c| BOXER pups, purebred, tails docked, dewclaws, 2nd","13889649p-14458190c| BOXER Pups, Show colors, shots, vet checked, Tails","13912041p-14477935c| BULL TERRIERS Triple reg, health guarantee $300","13906087p-14472509c| CANARIES For Sale $40 each After 4pm Call John 871-4569","13889663p-14458210c| CATS-CALICO (2) FREE to Good Home! Must go together!","13912036p-14477925c| CAVALIER King Charles Spaniels Mellow Lap dogs,","13889665p-14458208c| CHIHUAHUA beautiful puppies, parents on site $300,","13902594p-14469833c| CHIHUAHUA. Fem, 4mos, dewormed, 2nd shots, potty","13925295p-14489535c| CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES ''POCKET SIZE'' 8WKS $300/EA 559-591-3764","13906085p-14472516c| CHIHUAHUA Puppy Tiny, black & tan, male, shots,","13928712p-14492622c| CHIHUAHUA Pups CKC Tiny Toy, M/Fem $400 #116941","13912043p-14477930c| CHIHUAHUAS (2) M/F 8wks, light brown $200 559- 685-9744","13921427p-14486425c| CHIHUAHUAS 8wks purebred 2-fem, 1-male $150/ea.","13918310p-14483751c| CHIHUAHUA/Silky Terrier puppies 8wks. Cute. $225","13906084p-14472512c| CHIHUAHUA TEACUPS, first shots, vet checked, $250-$400","13888351p-14456792c| CHIHUAHUA TOYS 2 males, 1 fem, 13wks 1st shots $350/$450","13883806p-14452843c| CHINESE Crested AKC, powder puff, M/F, tri color.","13898659p-14466286c| COCAPOO pups, tiny (father is tea cup poodle) 2/M","13928714p-14492625c| COCKATIELS $100, Hand fed young Sara 559/860-8864","13910869p-14477014c| COCKATIELS $20-$40 Not handfed. Call after 5p M-F","13925291p-14489542c| CONURE Parrot 14yrs old w/cage $400/OBO. Call 559-645-0238","13921428p-14486423c| COONHOUND Redbone pups, reg. OW Hill x TC Blood","13889657p-14458199c| CORGI Pups AKC, 2 M, 1st shots, dew claws, tails","13928715p-14492618c| DACHSHUND AKC MINI PIEBALD PUPS 2F, black/white,","13902589p-14469841c| DACHSHUND mini pups Black/ tan, dapple, shots. $300-$325","13041122p-13698310c| DACHSHUND Mini Pups AKC, 2 Males $400ea 559-250-3268","13928711p-14492621c| DACHSHUND pups AKC Red Piebald $400-$500 559/564-3498","13912038p-14477933c| DACHSHUNDS Red Very tiny, M/only AKC $250-$300 776-7208","13906082p-14472510c| DASCHUND MINI pups, CKC reg. born 6/29/07 F/1 black","13888350p-14456791c| DOBERMAN Pups 9wks 3/F, purebred, parents on site,","13912037p-14477928c| DOGUE DE BORDEAUX puppies all shot papers and microchip","13925290p-14489540c| ENGLISH Bulldog Pups AKC Compact, thick build, wrinkles,","13894884p-14462910c|ENGLISH Bulldog Pups AKC, shots, vet checked, champ","13918308p-14483757c| ENGLISH Bulldog pups, AKC, white/fawn. $1500-$2000","13889661p-14458207c| ENGLISH Bulldog Purebred, 2 months, 1 males $1000,","13910872p-14477017c| ENGLISH Bull Terriers AKC (Spuds), 1 F. $1200. 3","13918307p-14483760c| ENGLISH Toy Spaniel Puppies ACA Reg w/shots $695","13889654p-14458197c| FENCING, posts, squeeze shoot, preg check, round","13898662p-14466293c| GELDING 12yr. Xlnt all around, western dressage/jumper,","13918312p-14483750c| GERMAN Sheperd pups, AKC, good blood line shots","13928710p-14492614c| GERMAN Shepherd Pups AKC Pure white $500/ea. Call","13921423p-14486433c| GERMAN Shepherd. White fem pup, AKC, extra lrg,","13918304p-14483754c| GERMAN Shorthaired Pointers 1st class gun dogs,","13889652p-14458196c| GERMAN Shorthair Pointer AKC reg. tails dock, dewclaws,","13889658p-14458194c| GOLDEN Retriever Puppies AKC, 1st shots, family","13883807p-14452837c| GREAT DANE 2 males, brown, 3yrs old, BIG $499/ea","13912042p-14477937c| JACK RUFFELL Pups, triple reg. health guarantee","13898663p-14466294c| JACK RUSSEL lovable family dog, male 9mos $250/OBO","13921422p-14486419c| JACK Russell Terrier Pups M/F, Shots, great colors!","13902584p-14469827c| KITTENS/CATS Cute. 14wks. Males: grey 3.5yrs, pure","13883810p-14452845c| KITTENS Free to a good home. Large variety. Please","13910876p-14477021c| LAB AKC pups, 6 yellow & blonde, fem, superior","13918306p-14483759c| LAB AKC pups, English lrg bone, show/gun dogs, Champ","13928713p-14492624c| LAB Pup AKC Male shots wormed 12wks $200 559/689-3510","13912046p-14477932c| LAB PUPS, AKC/OFA, Rare White Blockheads, M/$700","13898666p-14466298c| LAB Pups AKC Yellow shots dews Males $500 &","13910870p-14477015c| LAB/Queensland mix 2yrs old, male shots, fixed,","13894886p-14462913c| LABRADOR 10wks, black, fem, shots, wormed, beautiful","13912044p-14477938c| LABS Yellow AKC puppies 1st, dews $400 559/259-5137","13921429p-14486437c| MALTESE AKC 8wks Fem., shots. Will deliver $1000","13918309p-14483762c| MALTESE AKC adorable & fluffy, champ lines,","13928709p-14492607c| MALTESE Male Adorable 8wks, cute toy poodle 9wks","13894887p-14462914c| MALTESE Puppies black female $700, white male $600","13349739p-13973268c| MALTESE Pups, Ready 4/9. $900-$1200 3 males, VISA/MC","13912048p-14477943c| MALTESE/SHIH-TZU Pup 1 male adorable white ball","13889650p-14458193c| MANX Kittens (3) $80 1 Kitten with tail $40. 559-","13921424p-14486435c| MINI Australian Shepherd Pups 3 blue Merles, 2 males,","13883811p-14452848c| MINI-DACHSHUNDS AKC Brown male puppies 9wks, 1st","13912047p-14477929c| MINI PINSCHER Male 10wks, black/rust, dewclaws,","13889651p-14458195c| MINI PINSCHER PUPS black/tan, M/$300 #013884. 559-301-8205","13889664p-14458198c| MINI-PINSCHERS 5mos, 1 black male, 2 red fem $350.","13906078p-14472504c| MINI Pony gentle stud, 8yrs, grey, rides $900 559-273-0428","13888352p-14456801c| MINI-SCHNAUZER PUPS No papers, parents AKC $150.","13889662p-14458200c| MULES Sorrel draft mule team, Mollys. 12 yrs, good","13902583p-14469826c| PAINT Mare tri-color, good 4H & trail horse,","13910875p-14477031c| PAINT Stud brown & white reg, appx 16mos old,","13921419p-14486418c| PAPILLON Puppy Male, tri, 13wks, vet check'd, #106073","13918305p-14483752c| PERSIAN Male Tabby grey/white 9wks, $350 559-276-2520","13898660p-14466288c| PERSIAN or HIMALAYAN Kittens CFA, 1st shots, M/F,","13898667p-14466296c| PIT Bull Blue Nose, beautiful, 9wks, female. $400","13910874p-14477022c| PITBULL cross pups M/F $25/ea 559-822-4810 leave","13921426p-14486417c| PITBULL Pups UKC blue 8wks, $400. 2nd litter 10wks","13925298p-14489551c| PITBULL Red Nose UKC Monster Squad 8 wk pups parents","13894883p-14462909c| PITBULLS American UKC GAFF blue, fawn, $200-UP,","13906079p-14472505c| POMERANIAN PUPPIES 13 wks. pure bred parents on","13925292p-14489544c| POMERANIANS AKC Pups & Young adults Available","13925296p-14489536c| POMERANIANS AKC Tiny & cute, 1st shots, M/F","13925293p-14489545c| POODLES AKC Toy & Standard, Red, chocolate,","13898664p-14466295c| POODLES Tiny Toys F/$400, 559/786-4475 ","13894885p-14462911c| POODLES TOY 7wks, 3/F, 1st shots, choc, apricot","13918311p-14483753c| POODLES Toy AKC 8wks, vet <ch^l>, shots, wormed","13906086p-14472514c| PUG M/Fawn born 3/4/06 AKC reg. will make great","13894888p-14462915c| QH-ARAB Mare w/foal $1500 559- 338-0548 or 269-6552","13925294p-14489538c|","13883804p-14452835c| RAT Terrier Pups UKC Deckerline, athletic, shorthaired","13906083p-14472511c| RAT Terriers pups, tri-color, UKC, 2/M, 2/F, $300-$350","13910873p-14477024c| ROTTWEILER/German Shepherd Mix pups, $200. (209)","12200534p-12942675c| SCHNAUZER, Mini Puppies, Avail NOW! Champion AKC,","13906081p-14472502c| SCHNAUZERS Mini AKC, 6/25/07, shots, wormed, docked.","13912040p-14477934c| SCHNAUZERS Mini blk, 12wks, shots, tails, reg $300-$350","13912039p-14477927c| SHIH TZU Pups 2 males & 2 fem, absolutely gorgeous,","13888353p-14456803c| SHIH TZU Pups 8-Wks 2/Fem. & 2/Males. Shots.","13894881p-14462907c| SHIHTZU Pups awesome markings, must see $350 625-9961","13894889p-14462912c| SHIH-TZU pups CKC 3mo, 1/F $400 2/M $350 black &","13883805p-14452842c| SHOWHORSE Local to Circuit A Levels, excellent quality","13902586p-14469834c| TOY POODLE AKC pups. Toys, tinies. Call (559) 308-2512","13921425p-14486429c|","13906090p-14472507c| YORKIE AKC Male Pup. 4 months, baby doll face, great","13894880p-14462905c| YORKIE AKC pups, 3 fem, 8wks, vet checked &","13912045p-14477941c| YORKIE Hibred pups, shots, paper trained, great","13921420p-14486426c| YORKIE PUPS AKC 2/F 10WK $1000 parents on site 559-281-7920","13889660p-14458205c| YORKIE Pups AKC, 2 males $800ea, 877-2193 or 559/683-5180","12783201p-13475528c| YORKIE Terrier Pups, Males, small, parents on site,","13902591p-14469847c| YORKSHIRE AKC Pups 8wks old M/F $550 & $950.","xxx" ]; adarray[2] = ["13883908p-14452702c| 100KSF Whse 5acs Dos Palos For sale/lease owc 559","13902885p-14469581c| 19 acres raisins 1700 sq ft home, sell or trade","13482508p-14091743c| 2062 S. Eighth. 4/3, brand new $1150/mo. No Sec","13918483p-14483912c| 2/1 Shields/Blckstne $975 2/1 McKinley/Fruit $1025","13452626p-14064869c| 2/1 w/detached garage, on 1/2ac lot. $190,000. 559/289-6697","13895045p-14463062c| 2/2, fenced bkyd, large shed new kitchen $33,000","13925633p-14489819c| 2324 E. Sierra/Cedar 3/2 $1300/mo w/gardner Avail","13906181p-14472590c| 2616SF 4/3 3-car gar, pool, great neighborhood $480k","13461003p-14072366c| 2BD/3BA 2story log home 3+car gar, 30x40 shop on","13928829p-14492520c| 2 Homes on 1 lot $245K Perfect for lrg family or","13921639p-14486207c| 303 E. Bullard #124 2/2 CONDO $150K. 435-4325 By","13925635p-14489812c| 3/1 Carport $1000 2725 E. Saginaw Please call 559/351-0818","13912241p-14478085c| 3/1, clean, lrg fenced yd, no sec 8, yd svc incld.","13912239p-14478076c| 3/1, Nice yd, new paint & carpet, Clovis Schools","13925625p-14489810c| 3/2 $1225/mo 2 car gar, Open Sat 9-2 1424 Wrenwood","13925634p-14489816c| 3/2 $1295/mo + Dep, all applcs incl, huge yd w/swing","13925615p-14489755c| 3/2, 1750sf, 1/2ac, enclosed rec rm & spa. $290K/firm","13898868p-14466193c| 3/2 2121sf, CUSD, Immac, Open flr plan $419k 559-","13902914p-14469656c| 3/2, 2car, nice quiet area avail now $1500/obo pets","13898863p-14466194c| 3/2, appx 1460sf, 6052 N Marty Ave, Marks &","13925618p-14489751c| 3/2+DEN approx 1700s/f cul-de-sac 11,000s/f Lot,","13921640p-14486222c| 3/2 frplc $1150+dep 1464 Holland Open Sun 1-5pm","13910803p-14476939c| 3/2 gar, remodeled Ashlan Fresno. No Sec 8. Call","13845492p-14418680c| 3/2 Lrg lot, 7518 N Carnegie Alluvial/Polk $1450+","13912235p-14478086c| 3/2 Monte Vista Home 3684 W. Robinson $1100 + dep.","13925636p-14489840c| 3/2 NEW Carpet & Paint, Covered porch, $995/mo","13080097p-13732021c| 3/2, pool, 2 car gar, just remodeled $1300+dep btw","13928836p-14492590c| 3/2 pool, painted, new flrs, quiet area. $1350+","13902917p-14469683c| 3/2, pool/spa, $1500 + $1500 dep. Gardener/pool","13902897p-14469631c| 3/2 pool, tile, references, great cond, near school's.","13925637p-14489828c| 3/2 W/D hookup. gar, big back yd $1150 144 E Calimyrna","13868354p-14439125c| 3/3 2-car gar. 6005 W. Everette Ave $1700/mo+$1000","13912226p-14478066c| 3.3ac Corner lot w/house pad Ave. 17 1/2 & Paula","13921641p-14486229c| 3BD 2BA, Section 8 OK, gar, hook-ups, backyard 5046","13885652p-14454591c| 3BD only $493/mo 5%dn 20 yrs @8% apr! Listings 1-800-749-7901","13925627p-14489823c| 3BD Town house 2.5 BA $900 4781 N Polk Fresno Call","13918484p-14483898c| 4063 Benedict 3/2 2-car gar, backyrd, fruit trees","13888279p-14456962c| 4/2, 5596 N. McCafferty $1400/mo. + $600 dep. Sec","13918482p-14483905c| 4/2 + bonus rm. Option to purchase, low down pymt","13883912p-14452708c| 4/2 Completely Remodeled, corner Lot, FSBO $239k","13925623p-14489805c| 4/2, gar, frplc, AC, New carpet, paint/linoleum","13889855p-14458071c| 4/2 New 4762 W Burlingame Herndon/Milburn $289k","13906185p-14472617c| 4/3 Quail Lake $1,750 5/3 Kngcnyn/Fowler $1,375","13898878p-14466227c| 4/3, Temperance & Nees, 3000sf, yard maint incld,","13883911p-14452720c| 4.64AC in City of Parlier on Manning Ave. Commercial","13912230p-14478069c| 4-PLEX 425 S. Woodrow 1BD/1BA. $395,000 Call 559-905-1148","13912232p-14478077c| 5/2.5, new paint, carpet & lndscping, 161 N.","13889857p-14458077c| 5/3 2954sf 2yrs new 2320 SantaAna Shaw/Armstrong","13912224p-14478063c| 5ac nr Snow Line Lodge Pin & Oak trees, access","13921638p-14486206c| 5 OPEN Houses Sat & Sun 1p-5p Mon-Fri 3p-6p","13895050p-14463078c| 6/2 33 Lemon $1395 S/ Whitesbridge, E/Thorne Sec","13928833p-14492584c| 6339 Babigian Bullard/ Cecilia, blt in '04, 7000sf","13925614p-14489745c| 6-LARGE Custom Lots $215K/ea. Sierra/Willow 559-903-6971","13921635p-14486210c| A 27ft single wide rm addtn+sun porch nr Pismo beach,","13860815p-14432014c|A Beautiful 3/2, loft, 1700sf, 2 car, new carpet,","13921647p-14486268c| A Beautiful lrg 3/2 vaulted ceilings, FR, frplc,","13925630p-14489838c| A brand new 3/2, 1700sf 218 S. Clover S/Kings Canyon","13928837p-14492598c| A clean 3/2, 3973 N Anna N/Dakota E/Fresno $925","13928834p-14492585c| AFFORDABLE Rent 3/1 Sanger $1250, RV & Motorhomes","13925628p-14489834c| A lovely 3/2 2-Story, Cedar/Shepherd $1395/Mo Call","13912236p-14478088c| A nice 3/1, new carpet/tile flrs. 2307 E Andrews.","13921652p-14486257c| ASHLAN/VALENTINE 3BD 2BA, LR, FR $1150 4439 N. Prospect","13921646p-14486265c| ASHLAN/WEST 2BD 1BA 4314 N Holt $775 Managex 432-3111","13925631p-14489837c| A SQUAW VALLEY 2/1 559-332-2453 or 332-9594 or 907-4444","13912237p-14478092c| AVAIL 09/01 3/2, 1445 EL Paso $1200/mo + $1000 dep","13925624p-14489804c| AVAIL.NOW 4/2.5, lrg yd, cul-de-sac, $1200 + Dep.","13895044p-14463059c| BAD CREDIT/Good Income. Lease option to buy 559/270-9205","13902891p-14469604c| BEAUTIFUL 3/2, gar $65K del Tulare or Kings county","13025347p-13684011c| BEAUTIFUL home, nice area nr Sierra Vista mall brand","13889852p-14458072c| BEST BUY! All Agents Welcome! 3/2 $214,950 559-456-1411","13918479p-14483886c| BLUFF HOUSE Sat. & Sun. 12-4 22356 Masters Drive","13921643p-14486236c| BRAND NEW, 5/2.5, 2-story. Ready to move in. $1650/mo","13921651p-14486282c| BRAND new 5BD/3BA 3 car gar. 2 story $1800 +dep","13902912p-14469668c| BULLARD/FIGARDEN Gated 4BD 2.5BA 5705 N. Nectarine","13912240p-14478103c| BULLARD/MARKS 3bd/2ba New tile & paint, frplc,","13928831p-14492579c| BULLARD SCHOOLS 433 W. Escalon Pool & Yard Care","13925619p-14489761c| BY OWNER 1440s/f 4/2 2-car gar., lrg premium lot.","12291831p-13026776c| BY OWNER 3 bd, 2 ba, 1,844 sq. ft open floor plan,","13912229p-14478064c| C5 1400sf, 8000sf lot $179,500. Mike Owner/ Agent","13895047p-14463060c| Cal-VET REPO 1540 ARMSTRONG, CLOVIS 4BD/2BA, approx","11723621p-12447336c|CHARMING Kerman hse, 3/2, Dbl gar, frplc, A/C, new","13928835p-14492588c| CLEAN 3/1 remodeled kit, new flrs, gar No Sec 8","13898864p-14466192c| CLEAN Air. Cool, Morro Bay Sr Park. 1 Modular home","13853455p-14425418c| CLINTON/PALM Classic 3BD 2BA 2504 N. Farris $1295","13921642p-14486233c| Clovis 3/2, pool, pets OK $1400 +dep Shaw/Fowler","13912233p-14478079c| CLOVIS, Hanford & NW Fresno homes, good area,","13902890p-14469603c| CLOVIS SCHOOLS !! 5/2 updated, new paint Will help","13928826p-14492521c| DESPERATE/MUST SELL $100k/20% Under appraisal New","13928825p-14492525c| DESPERATE/MUST SELL $100K/20% Under appraisal New","13902884p-14469578c| Do TLC & steal 3/3, Fig Loop $249K/best ALCRE","13925622p-14489800c| DUPLEX 4080 E Balch 2/1 $775, 520 S 11th 3BR $895","13912238p-14478075c| EMERSON/MARKS 3bd 2ba 4565 N Lafayette $900 Managex","13906190p-14472616c| EXECUTIVE 5Bd + office 3200sf $1750/mo 2866 San","13902888p-14469587c| EZ terms 3/2 remodeled big yard $175K, Ownr-agt","13883909p-14452705c| FIRST TIME ON THE MARKET 27units, Clovis $3,150,000","13898869p-14466198c| FOOTHILL lots (2) 20 min to Fresno. Also 2acres","13902889p-14469594c| FORECLOSURE 4/2 2381sf, 1-story Granville 2626 E.","13912225p-14478065c| FORECLOSURE beautiful 4/2.5, 2736sf $469,900 Gregg","13258334p-13892054c| FOR Sale to be moved 12x60 2/1, xlnt condition,","13921637p-14486201c| FRESNO 16-unit Apt complex, 8 2/BD, 8 1/BD, pool,","13895042p-14463057c| FRESNO Area 76 Space Mobile Home/RV Park $875k OWC","13925617p-14489769c| FSBO 3/2, country living, xlnt starter home, 5831","13898865p-14466189c| FSBO Beautiful 4/3 $585,000 Open House Sunday 1-4pm","13902892p-14469616c| FSBO NEW CONST 3/3 3 car, Granite countertops, all","13898879p-14466259c| FURNISHED Or Unfurnished 3/2 N/ Marks on Spruce","13906178p-14472572c| GOOD Looking 2/2 well built, 1248sf, dble wide,","13902887p-14469585c| Have 2 or 3 families? 6/2 Tower only $279K 7/4 SE","13898880p-14466221c| HERNDON/MILBURN Custom 4Bd 2Ba 2400sf 4870 W pinedale","13921636p-14486203c| HIGH Sierra views 3/2 1+ac 2000sf Dream home many","13895043p-14463061c| HOME FOR SALE Zero down payment Free recorded message","13883907p-14452701c| HUNTINGTON LAKE Adorable furnished cabin $299,000.","13902893p-14469614c| IMAGE Custom w/many upgrades, 3219sf, 4/3, 4-car","13925632p-14489842c| IMMAC 3/2 on Riverside Golf course $1575/mo. inclds","13918481p-14483892c| MAPLE/BEHYMER 3BD 2BA $1395 2360 E. La Quinta Managex","13928828p-14492548c| MAPLE/BEHYMER 4/2, 1893sf, LR, FR $375K 559-434-7828","13898875p-14466245c| MAPLE/Shepherd 5/3.5 like new, cul-de-sac, yrd care","13902895p-14469592c| MCCAFFREY Renaissance New Home w/lots of upgrades","13928827p-14492524c| MOBILE-HOME 1976 1500sf, 2/2, Arabian Villa Park","13918478p-14483888c| MUST Move, 2/2, $3900; 1/1 $2000 559/ 651-0228 ","13921650p-14486258c|","13898873p-14466239c| NEW 2600sf, 3/2, Gettysburg & Temperance $2000/mo+dep","13902916p-14469654c| NEWER 4/2, Sanger, Lrg bkyd. $1150/mo. + dep. Call","13921648p-14486270c| NEW Fort Washington, 4/3 1800sf Clovis Sch $1600","13921645p-14486224c| NEW FT Washington 4/3, 3car, 1800sf, Clovis schls,","13885651p-14454590c| Newly remodeled 3/2 w/ 2/1 rental home $310K Squaw","13921653p-14486254c| NICE 2/1, big backyard, Bullard/Palm $850/mo. 559-709-3521","13925620p-14489781c|","13925621p-14489797c| NR FCC 3/1 LR, FR, DR. Blackstone/Clinton $975+","13898867p-14466188c| OLD FIG ESTATE 7500 +/- sq.ft 7 BD, 7 BA, 5 FP,","13898860p-14466187c| OLD FIG GARDEN Lot w/plans or build to suit 1/3","13889854p-14458070c| OLD Fig, split level, 2060sf, frplc, spa, pool,","13928823p-14492512c| OPEN HOUSE Sun 10-4pm EVERYTHING BRAND NEW! Old","13928830p-14492538c| OPEN HOUSE Sun 1-4 Gettysburg/Millbrook 4477 N.","13925626p-14489818c| OPEN Sat & Sun 1-4pm 4635 E Norwich $1150/mo","13276445p-13908404c| OROSI U.S. Treasury Dept. Public Auction Thurs Feb","13895046p-14463063c| PERFECT SLO 2nd hm or retirement 2/2 single level.","13921649p-14486251c| PERRIN/Granville 3/2 2200' Mediterranean. Landscape/pool","13912228p-14478068c| Pool & spa Headliner home 3Bd 2Ba $283,900 N/Herndon","13888276p-14456950c| pSELMA Mobile Estates Senior Park 2/2 $49,000. Call","13888277p-14456953c| QUIET country setting/acs $1275 4/2/2 5669 N.Dower","13898866p-14466196c| REMODELED 5bd/2.5ba 1897sf N/Kings Canyon, E/Armstrong,","13921644p-14486263c| REMODELED clean 3/1 N/Clinton, W/West $1200 + dep","13925629p-14489820c| RENT TO BUY 3/2, newly remodeled, big lot, 1 or","13925616p-14489768c| SAN Simeon Condo w/view, $389K. Cambria charming","13928824p-14492515c| SAT & SUN 12-3pm $650,000 2503 19th Ave Custom","13898862p-14466191c| SHELL BEACH Ocean fronting New Construction Nearly","13906180p-14472594c| SIERRA Sky 3/2, lrg yd, hanger, cor lot, new dual","13883910p-14452709c| STONEGATE 55+ Park, Just Listed, 2/2, approx. 1200sf,","13889853p-14458074c| Stop dreaming, start living, in this 3Bd 2Ba home","13912231p-14478070c| Stop dreaming start living In this 5Bd 2Ba $249,950","13883913p-14452694c| SUBDIVISION Potential 5.57ac in city of Lemoore.","13898861p-14466190c| TAKE Over payments 3/2 1/3ac RV parking (559)232-2003","13883906p-14452692c| To Be Moved Shoremanor Custom 1992 double-wide 44'","13912227p-14478067c| TOLLHOUSE By Owner Gorgeous 4/3 5AC, 2200sf $224,500/obo","13928832p-14492581c| TOWER DISTRICT 3/2, den $1400 incl gardener &","13918480p-14483885c| TOWN & Country 5bd/4ba 3715sf, pool. Buchanan","13908056p-14474541c| Ultra-private 3/2MH,9ac terrific views $196.5K Squaw","13902900p-14469641c| VISALIA 4/3, 2yrs old, $1600 621 E La Vida 831/261-6535","13906179p-14472562c| WAY Too Cute! 2/1 $175k 839 S. Archie Contact Frances","13889856p-14458069c| Why pay more when you can get 2384sf home w/pool","13849381p-14422185c| WILLOW/HERNDON 5BD 3BA 110 N Anderson $1900 Managex","13895049p-14463074c| WOODWARD LAKE 3/2, gardener, alarm, extras, no pets","13902894p-14469618c| WOODWARD LAKES 668 E Rock Creek Ln $327K Open Sun", "xxx" ]; adarray[3] = ["13921273p-14486393c| $0 DOWN + NO PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS!!! .0 (on credit","13911980p-14478154c| 7x30 Lowboy Flatbed Gooseneck trlr $6400/obo. 559/974-0400","13902467p-14469801c| ALJO 25' 1985 5th whl trlr, xlnt cond, ready to","13902450p-14469793c| ALJO trvl trlr 23' 1995 xlnt cond, many extras,","13908061p-14474552c| ALL NEW Enclosed Utility Trailers 4'x6'- 8'x24'","13925150p-14489969c| ALPENLITE 1990 Deluxe 5th whl, xlnt cond reduced","13898501p-14466377c| ALPENLITE 1990 Delux model 5th whl, xlnt cond $6000","13925138p-14489950c| ALPENLITE 1991 27', 5th whl, good cond, new refrige,","13910621p-14476993c| ALPENLITE 26' 1988 FULLY LOADED Lots of extras,","13474855p-14085192c| LAMAR'S DANCERS NEW WEBSITE 2 Females for ONE price!","13902447p-14469794c| ALUMINUM 14' boat w/trailer. 10HP Merc, swivel seats,","13894790p-14463140c| ARCTIC Fox 2001 5th whl, 24 N5 F/W slideout, smooth","13902453p-14469795c| ATTITUDE 2005 30'' Toyhauler, 3 axel, gen, fuel","13925139p-14489968c| ATV 2006 Polaris Sportsmen X2 500EFI, like new,","13905994p-14472673c| AVENGER SKI 1979. 16ft 90HP merc, $3000/trade 559/291-5010","13889581p-14458185c| BASS Buggie 18' in flip at Sierra Marina Shaver","13889573p-14458169c| BASS-TRACKER 18ft w/trailer depth/fishfinder, fully","13911978p-14478164c| BASS Tracker 1981. 40hp, new carpet, decks, trolling","13925151p-14489983c| BAYLINER Capri 1988 17ft, 125 HP Outboard, seats","13905997p-14472669c| BAYLINER Capri 1990 18' open bow, great cond $3500","13911976p-14478157c| BAYLINER Capri 2000 21ft V8, lo hrs, stereo sys.","13894789p-14463139c| BIG BEAR Chopper 2004 ~Divorce Sale~ S&S 124ci,","13918205p-14483717c| BMW F800 ST 2007 Only 1500 mi, grey, full Z/Technik","13898497p-14466361c| BMW R1100R ABS 1999 7700mi, dealer serviced, records","13918216p-14483732c| BMW R1200GS 2007, ABS, spokes, heated grips low","13888094p-14456771c| BOMBADIER DS650X 2006 low hrs, $5500/OO 559/281-0011","13921274p-14486384c| BOMBARDIER 400 Outlander 2004 2-seater, 4x4, winch,","13894795p-14463143c| BOUNDER 34' 1990 Chevy 454 Banks power pack, immac","13888098p-14456784c| CAREFREE Custom Pro St. Chopper, 2005, only 700","13928635p-14492466c| CHALLENGER Damon 1994 33Ft. 460 engine, 48K Oak","13905996p-14472678c| CHAPARRAL 196 SSi 5.0 EFi, 86hrs, Bimini top, CDplayer,","13921271p-14486386c| COBRA 1995 27.5' 5th whl Deluxe Model, weekend special","13902460p-14469790c| COLEMAN 1998 Tent trlr, sleeps 6, stove, sink, ice","13902462p-14469814c| COLEMAN Tent trlr 1994 sleeps 8 $2500 559- 978-3522","12520289p-13235677c| COUGAR 2003 24-1/2' 5th Wheel w/slide nice flrplan","13902463p-14469816c| COUNTRY COACH INTRIGUE 1996, 40', wide body, no","13910622p-14476997c| CROSS FORCE 2006 Cruiser Toy Hauler 30ft., aluminum","13902456p-14469792c| DAYCRUISER 22'' 1968 CHEVY, MERC Outdrive, Sanger","13925134p-14489964c| EXPEDITION 1999 1bd SC good cond, $4,500/obo 559-905-5242","13925130p-14489951c| FLEETWOOD 1998. 22ft, light , non smoker, sleeps","13928628p-14492467c| FLEETWOOD Bounder 1999 32ft V10 many xtras! 22K","13925144p-14489975c| GALAXY 1977 17' 302 Ford V8 trlr canopy all skis","13928632p-14492469c| GLASSTRON 16ft 65HP Johnson, recently tuned-up,","13921282p-14486397c| GREGOR 12ft 7.5 & 5HP Motor, fishfinder, nice","13902454p-14469799c| HAULMARK 2 axle 2004 15' covered trlr, less than","13911979p-14478165c| HD 1200 Low 2006 black, lots of extra too much to","13889582p-14458180c| HD 1200 Sportster Custom 2002. Extras, Xlnt! $5,500","13906002p-14472668c| HD Dyna low rider 2004 Limited Ed, 30K mi, lots","13921281p-14486391c| HD Dyna Wide glide 1994 20K, many chrome extras,","13894797p-14463151c| HD Dyna Wide Glide 1999 Like new $10,000/OBO. 559-960-9652","13889566p-14458160c| HD Fat Boy 1994 All chrome, many extras $19,999.","13889569p-14458163c| HD Fatboy 2000 lowered, 18'' apes, custom forward","13921286p-14486394c| HD Fatboy 2007 less than 100mi, lots of extras,","13906000p-14472670c| HD FXDWG 1998 new Andrews Cam, lots of chrome, very","13430782p-14045677c| HD FXST Softail 1999, 16k mi, new tires, special","13925143p-14489974c| HD Haritage 2005 & Sporster Must See Immac cond","13925133p-14489958c| HD Heritage 2004 samson pipes, custom paint, extra","13925142p-14489972c| HD Heritage Softail Nostalgia 1993 Limited Edition","13928631p-14492473c| HD Low Rider 1980 1 owner, low mi, S&S Carb","13898508p-14466383c| HD Roadking 2002 rinehart true-duals SE Breather,","13911974p-14478159c| HD Roadking Classic 2005 like new, lots of extras,","13889571p-14458167c| HD Shovel Head 1979 Black w/flames, thunder header,","13921285p-14486374c| HD Softail 1992 custom clean Lots of chrome to much","13928636p-14492476c| HD Softail 1993 Custom Paint. Many extras. Xlnt!","13889576p-14458172c| HD Softail 1997 Special Construction, 113cu'', full","13928634p-14492470c| HD Softail Deluxe 2007 Only has 34 mi's on it. Driven","13902461p-14469815c| HD Softail Springer 1995 lots of extras, $11,000/obo","13888100p-14456772c| HD Sportster 1998 low mi $5500/OBO. 559-352-8304","13925148p-14489955c| HD Ultra Classic 2003, 100th Anniversay. Extras","13910619p-14476991c| HONDA 1000 RR 2005. Repsol edition, 325 miles! 500","13889570p-14458166c| HONDA 2004 TRX 450cc, Lots of upgrades. $3500 Call","13894788p-14463138c| HONDA 250F 2005 Xlnt cond, xtras, fresh top. $3500/obo","13921269p-14486376c| HONDA 400EX & 450R 2004 ATV's Paddles, pipes,","13898502p-14466373c| HONDA 85 2004. $2000/ obo. Also Go-Kart avail. Call","13894796p-14463150c| HONDA 85R 2004 Xlnt cond, low hrs $1,500/obo 559-292-8894","13921270p-14486385c| HONDA Aqua Trax 2004 jet ski's (2) 3 seaters, 1/red,","13918207p-14483719c| HONDA CBR600RR 2006 black, low mi, like new, must","13918212p-14483729c| HONDA CR250 1989 xlnt cond, pipes, $1200/obo 559-269-2263","13925147p-14489981c| HONDA CRF 250R 2006 many extras, full exhaust, $4k/obo","13889577p-14458175c| HONDA CRF450 2004 Extra clean $3000/OBO. Call 559-760-3711","13918211p-14483728c| HONDA CRF450R 2004 Xlnt cond! $3,250/obo. (559)","13910624p-14476995c| HONDA CT110 1984 Hi/Lo gears, new tires, gun rack","13910626p-14476988c| HONDA Gold Wing 1987 1200cc good cond touring model","13911971p-14478155c| HONDA Rebel 250 1985 new tires rebuilt starter &","13921275p-14486395c| HONDA Shadow 1100 2004 Like new $6500/obo 559-303-8117","13921283p-14486402c| HONDA Shadow 1986 VT700 Gold Wing nice $1800 559/252-6440","13888095p-14456774c| HONDA Shadow 750 2004. Low mi, detailed, maroon,","13918215p-14483726c| HONDA Trail 90 1969. Very good cond, lights &","13910625p-14477001c| HONDA Trail 90 1974 1500 actual mi, 1-owner, xlnt","13921263p-14486373c| HONDA XR100R 2003 Original tires, xlnt cond $1200.","13921265p-14486378c| HONDA XR400R 2000 White Brother Pipe, Scott Stabalizer,","13921264p-14486380c| HONDA XR80 1997 xlnt cond, lo hrs, $800/obo 559-352-2767","13906001p-14472681c| INDIAN SCOUT 2003, Pwr Plus. 100 cu. inch, less","13911969p-14478151c| JETBOAT 1986 532ci, NEW int, jet, gauges & steering","13111019p-13759994c| KAR KADDY SS 2005 mounted spare tire, lic'd, reg'd,","13902452p-14469803c| KAWASAKI 250 Ninja 2006 $2800/obo like new (559)696-4253","13928633p-14492475c| KAWASAKI Brute Force 650 Quad 2005, 4x4 Used 3 times,","13928627p-14492465c| KAWASAKI KLX250 1995 Water cooled, very clean, Tag","13921268p-14486383c| KAWASAKI KX250 2003 returned to nearly stock, low","13905999p-14472677c| KEYSTONE 2004 5th whl, slideout, like new,$17,900","13894794p-14463148c| KING OF THE ROAD 35ft 1998 3-slides, top of the","13925152p-14489973c| KOFFLER 21' Welded Aluminum 75HP honda, & 15HP","13918209p-14483723c| KOMFORT 22' 1975 sleeps 5, nice int/ext, $1900/obo","13894791p-14463141c| KTM 125SX 2003 Xlnt cond, extras $1700/OBO. 559-292-8894","13888101p-14456776c| LANCE 821 2003 SB, camper. 8'x11'', slide, A/C,","13902465p-14469804c| LANCE 8.5'' 2002 Camper, SC, slide out, $18,000/obo","13911973p-14478158c| LAVEYCRAFT 1985. New motor & wiring. Runs fantastic,","13889567p-14458161c| MALIBU Sunscape 2002 Only 57hrs, xlnt cond $30,000.","13894792p-14463146c| MASTERCRAFT 1983 competition ski boat, power slots,","13902455p-14469806c| MAXIUM 18' 1994 ski boat, 125HP $5000 559-978-3522","13928637p-14492478c| MINI-WINI Class C. 21ft 87K orig mi $2000/OBO. 559-940-0256","13898500p-14466363c| MONACO Diplomat 2002 38ft 3slides all optns xlnt","13928630p-14492463c| MONTANA 5th whl 2006 never been pulled, model 344RET,","13902466p-14469796c| NASH 1998 22' new A/C & micro $4800 559/ 876-2203","13902451p-14469798c| NASH 24'' 1996 A/C, awning, micro, full bed in rear,","13925140p-14489961c| NEXT Level 5th whl 2004. 34ft, XLNT, holds many","13925137p-14489956c| NOMAD 1979 24' good cond $1700/OBO 559/213-8979","13898504p-14466369c| O'DAY-25 1978 fixed keel Honda 7.5HP $3500/obo Call","13921278p-14486388c| ONE-QTR Share: C150 & Piper Pacer, 81CT210 Wholesale.","13898499p-14466372c| PACE Arrow 1983 34', Chevy Chassis, V8 454, 44k","13894793p-14463145c| PIONEER Fleetwood 18ft 2004 xlnt cond, sleeps 7,","13921280p-14486372c| PLEASUREWAY 1997 3500 Dodge, low mileage, equipped","11748415p-12470259c|POLARIS sportsman 500 2004, cao paint, waren winch,","13889572p-14458168c| PROWLER 1996 27' 5th whl xlnt cond, nonsmoker, sleeps","13889574p-14458170c| RAFT 10' inflatable 6HP Johnson outboard motor &","13911972p-14478147c| RAVEN 1996. Xlnt cond, low mi, lots of extras, $23,500.","13889580p-14458182c| REINELL 19.5ft 2004 Bimini top, boat cover, Xlnt","13883735p-14452821c| REINELL 197 1999 20', lo hrs, V8, tower w/ racks,","13910623p-14476998c| RESIDENCY 32ft 1995 Clean must sell $18,500/OBO","13925145p-14489977c| SANDRAIL, 2-seat, new 1915 motor, good cond $3900/OBO.","13902459p-14469812c| SANGER 21' 2002 open bow V-drive, like new, $27,000/obo","13918210p-14483724c| SANGER V215 2006 Stereo, $38,000 209/467-7192 or","13883729p-14452813c| SEABREEZE 1998 33' 25k Ford 460 w/Thorley headers,","13908060p-14474551c| SEABREEZE 1998 33' 25k Ford 460 w/Thorley headers,","13347322p-13971102c| SEABREEZE 36' 1997 5th whl, double slides, xlnt","13921284p-14486403c| SEADOO 2000 3 seater Bombadier 135HP, like new,","13925132p-14489957c| SEA-DOO 2004 3 seater & 1997 2 seater brand","13883736p-14452822c| SEASWIRL 20ft 1995 i/o Open bow, 5.0L w/tower $8500.","13928629p-14492468c| SEASWIRL OPEN BOW 1995, SKI-FISH, V8, with Am/Fm,","13918213p-14483733c| SIERRA 2005 Toyhauler 38', 5th whl, (2) A/C units,","13908062p-14474553c| SUMMER BLOWOUT SALE! .0 Inventory Must Be Reduced!!","13902448p-14469800c| SUNTRACKER 2005 27ft Party Barge, 3.0 I/O, dbl canopy","13921276p-14486377c| SUPRA-LAUNCH SSV Great wake board & family ski","13902449p-14469791c| SUZUKI DR250 1995 dual sport, nice bike $1600 (559)907-6527","13925136p-14489967c| SUZUKI GSXR750 2007 Blue & Black, 390 Miles,","13925131p-14489953c| SUZUKI JR50 2001 very lo hrs, $800 559-723-9824","13888099p-14456778c| SUZUKI King Quad, 2001, w/trlr. $3900, 559-974-3313","13883737p-14452823c| SUZUKI RM125 2001 green sticker, xtras! $2000 559/908-7526","13928626p-14492462c| SUZUKI RM250 1995 Black plastic, Renthal bars, new","13918217p-14483731c| SUZUKI Trike 2005 Lehman Tramp, like new $12,500","13889575p-14458171c| SUZUKI VL1500 1998 Intruder LC 17k mi, new tires,","13883734p-14452819c| TAHOE Toyhauler 36ft 2005 5th Whl, 2 slide-outs,","13911970p-14478152c| TERRY 2000 36ft 5th whl. Illness forces sale, like","13905995p-14472675c| TERRY 2007 25' Fully loaded, many xtras, furn'd,","13902464p-14469813c| THOR JAZZ 27' 2004 5th whl w/slide $20,000 559/360-9794","13921277p-14486399c| TIFFIN Allegro 2005 Open Road dual slide 32BA, 10K","13918208p-14483715c| TOP DOLLAR CONSIGNMENTS RV'S-4-LESS 559-822-RV 4U","13911977p-14478150c| TPD 24' 2000 enclosed trlr, 110 volt lights, built-in","13889565p-14458159c| TRUE Flat bottom, 440 Chrystler V-Drive, runs great,","13906003p-14472683c| VICTORY Kingpin 2006, Stage 1 performance 1300 mi.","13905998p-14472679c| WEEKEND Warrior 2006 Superlight, 30', 5th whl, fuel","13921266p-14486381c| WILDERNESS Advantage 28' 2004 1-slide out $28k 559/251-2686","13889568p-14458162c| WINNEBAGO 1988 $9000/OBO, Chev 454, appx 60k mi,","13888093p-14456770c| WINNEBAGO 29T 2007 Class C, loaded, slide, warr.","13889579p-14458165c| WINNEBAGO Site Seer 2002 30' & PT Cruiser 2006","13910620p-14476992c| YAMAHA 125 Enduro 1969 1-owner, all orig, MUST SEE!","13898506p-14466362c| YAMAHA 660 Raptor 2001 good cond $3600/OBO 559/304-5885","13911975p-14478160c| YAMAHA Blaster 2005. Extremely clean, low mi, my","13883730p-14452814c| YAMAHA Blaster 2005 Quad, loaded, race ready. $3800","13925146p-14489962c| YAMAHA Dual Sport 2007 225cc, like new, 200 mi $3400","13925141p-14489971c| YAMAHA FZ6 2007 Sports bike, less than 100 mi, red,","13902458p-14469789c| YAMAHA R6 2005 3k mi, blk on blk, never wrecked.","13918214p-14483727c| YAMAHA Raptor 2006. 700R Blue, clean, w/rear paddles,","13888097p-14456782c| YAMAHA Raptor 660 2005 red, white, nerf bars, paddle","13898498p-14466364c| YAMAHA Raptor 80, 2003 completly tricked out, paddles,","13888096p-14456775c| YAMAHA TTR125 2005 clean, BBR extras $1800/obo (559)297-1622","13921267p-14486382c|","13921272p-14486375c| YAMAHA Warrior 350 1992 With dirt & new paddle","13889578p-14458178c| YAMAHA WR250 2007 dual sport, st legal, FMF, extras,","13898505p-14466380c| YAMAHA WR250F 2006 green sticker many extras $4777obo","13918206p-14483718c| YAMAHA YFZ450 2004 Custom powder coat & chrome.","13925149p-14489982c| YAMAHA YZF450 2005 Quad low hrs, paddles, smoothies,","13925135p-14489966c| YERF Dog Go-cart dbl seat, 6.5HP, used very little,", "xxx" ]; adarray[4] = ["13918516p-14483684c| CAD Escalade 2002 92k, 5.3L, 2WD, DVD. $19,000 obo","13025385p-13684056c| CAD Escalade EXT 2007 Black on black, lthr, like","13925695p-14489903c| CHEV 1500 2001 LT Z71 80k mi, XCab, lthr, lift,","13898936p-14466349c| CHEV 1979 3/4T campershell $1800/OBO 559/897-4283","13419078p-14034416c| CHEV 1990 Clean, AT, V8, fleetside, SWB, new paint.","13889901p-14458137c| CHEV 1996 Turbo Diesel FB, AC, PS, 5spd, tool boxes","13925696p-14489942c| CHEV 1T 1997 equip for concrete work $6,500 559-","13902970p-14469751c| CHEV 3500 1989 82k mi, AC, 4-dr, MUST SELL! $4000","13895086p-14463095c| CHEV Avalanche 2006 xlnt cond, loaded $27,500 (559)297-5631","13888343p-14456974c| CHEV Avalanche 2006 Z71 Blue Green, low mi, $29,900/OBO","13906228p-14472659c| CHEV Equinox 2006 LT, Red, sunroof, lthr, lo mi.","13912281p-14478121c| CHEV Pickup 1994 1-ton, crew cab, 4x4, xlnt cond,","13906224p-14472650c| CHEV PU 1971 LB, 350 AT disc brakes, runs good $2500.","13918523p-14483712c| CHEV PU 1992 454SS 136K miles, $6500. 559-917-1581","13906233p-14472648c| CHEVROLET SSR 2004 black, whls chromed, lowered,","13902976p-14469703c| CHEV S10 Blazer 1994 4-dr, customized, airbags,","13928881p-14492661c| CHEV Silverado 1500 1994 stepside 4x4 x-cab, A/C,","13925694p-14489876c| CHEV Silverado 1992, X-cab, 1T, dual whls, 454 V8","13925682p-14489882c| CHEV Silverado 1994 Xcab, AT, A/C $3299 (559)367-7271","13888347p-14457004c| CHEV Silverado 1994 Xtd Cab-Lowered-Custom whls","13902974p-14469695c| CHEV SILVERADO 1996 1/2 ton X-Cab, w/tool box +","13928874p-14492640c| CHEV Silverado 1996 150, 1/2T, $3200 559/698-5607or","13906230p-14472651c| CHEV Silverado 1998 1/2T Ext Cab pewter, 132k mi,","13889900p-14458142c| CHEV Silverado 1998 Flowmaster, 22''rims, sound","13906226p-14472656c| CHEV Silverado 1998 XCab 4x4, immac, whls flowmaster,","13895098p-14463124c| CHEV Silverado 2000 1/2 ton, 4x4 shortbed, $9500.","13895089p-14463105c| CHEV Silverado 2004 2500 Turbo Diesel 4WD x-cab","13898929p-14466332c| CHEV Silverado 2005. Extra cab, util bed & rack.","13895084p-14463089c| CHEV Silverado 2006 XCab V8, 20k mi, tow-leveled,","13912280p-14478116c| CHEV Silverado 2007 Crew Cab V6, 20,575 mi, silver","13902972p-14469717c| CHEV Silverado 2500 2004 X-cab, 4x4, 4dr $12,900.","13925688p-14489914c| CHEV Silverado LT 2006 X-CAB, loaded, like new $19,350.","13918511p-14483677c| CHEV Silverdo LT 2007 3.6k mi, xlnt cond, all pwr,","13888346p-14457008c| CHEV SSR 2004. Red, AT, xlnt cond, loaded, $28,500.","13895095p-14463118c| CHEV Stepside 1988 Rblt 350 engine, all orig $3800","13921702p-14486319c| CHEV Stepside 1991. Orig, AC, blk, orig whls, new","13921717p-14486339c| CHEV Suburban 1985 4WD, 3/4T, 132k mi, good shape.","13898930p-14466335c| CHEV Suburban 1993 4x4 cold A/C, runs xlnt. Sacrifice","13925684p-14489861c| CHEV Suburban 2000 LT 4WD, loaded, like new. $9,850","13921713p-14486357c| CHEV Suburban 2001 1 owner, black, well maint, 116k","13928878p-14492658c| CHEV Suburban 2003 4WD, TV/DVD/CD, 71K Lthr, Very","13902975p-14469777c| CHEV Tahoe 1997 2dr, 4x4, 10'' lift, xlnt cond.","13883949p-14452807c| CHEV Tahoe 2003 Z71 Fully loaded, blk w/ tan lthr,","13912285p-14478117c| CHEV Tahoe LS 1999 tow pkg., 4WD, loaded, sport","13910856p-14476980c| CHEV Tahoe LT 1999 4x4 V8 lthr, very nice, 84k $10,500","13906235p-14472666c| CHEV Tahoe LT 2001 fully loaded, lthr, sunroof,","13910853p-14476959c| CHEV Tahoe LT 2002 4WD A/C White w/ tan int. Custom","13902964p-14469726c| CHEV Tahoe LT 2004 2WD Loaded! Lthr, Sunrf Premium","13902967p-14469696c| CHEV Tahoe LT 2007 2WD Loaded Lthr $24995 dlr 289-2118","13910852p-14476957c| DODGE 300 Dump 1964 Runs great $2500/OBO. 559-289-6795","13918512p-14483688c| DODGE Durango 1999 V8, lthr, all pwr, clean. $4900","13902963p-14469713c| DODGE Durango 2000 black, 90k hwy mi, V89, 5.2 $7400","13925691p-14489897c| DODGE Durango 2000 SLT 4x4, fully loaded, mint cond,","13888344p-14456982c| DODGE RAM 1993 Club Cab, 8ft bed, Turbo Diesel,","13921716p-14486322c| DODGE Ram 1995 V8 Magnum, bedliner, tool box, tow","13902977p-14469738c| DODGE Ram 1997 2500 X-cab LB V10, 67.5k mi, 5th","13925685p-14489898c| DODGE RAM 2000 4x4, Cummins, 3/4 Ton, 5-speed manual.","13898926p-14466327c| DODGE RAM 2000 4x4, Cummins, 3/4 Ton, 5spd manual,","13898927p-14466314c| FORD Bronco 1969 4WD, Totally rebuilt. $5700/obo","13921707p-14486318c| FORD Escape 2005 4x4, 55k mi, XLT, 6 Disc #05908","13898937p-14466352c| FORD Escape 2005 4x4, 55k mi, XLT, 6 Disc #05908","13895094p-14463092c| FORD Excursion 2000 good cond, lthr int, rear AC/heat,","13928873p-14492637c| FORD Expedition 2000 Eddie Bauer pkg. Low mi Xlnt!","13925699p-14489948c| FORD EXPEDITION 2003 77K Great Cond $16,000 (559)","13888348p-14456987c| FORD Expedition 2004 Eddie Bauer, 47K mi, xlnt cond","13889904p-14458105c| FORD Expedition 2005 NBX, Blk, 25k mi, pwr 3rd rear","13925698p-14489911c| FORD Explorer 1997 XLT. 103K, white, good cond,","13895090p-14463108c| FORD Explorer 1998 XLT, 128k hwy mi. $4,950 559/301-0915","13895102p-14463106c| FORD F150 1977 ladder rack, 3 job boxes, runs good,","13902982p-14469774c| FORD F150 1994 loaded 4x4 low mi ext cab new tires","13888342p-14456973c| FORD F150 1997 4x4, extra cab, great cond new tires","13906229p-14472646c| FORD F150 1997 XLT 4x4, V8, 130K, Green, AT $5200","12710582p-13407147c| FORD F150 1999 campershell, good cond $7000 559/294-7933","13895096p-14463127c| FORD F150 2000 4WD, 95k mi, Silver. $8000/obo 559/978-9044","13918513p-14483694c| FORD F150 2000 Lariat super cab, 65k mi, red/gold,","13889896p-14458116c| FORD F150 2002 4 dr. w/camper 75k mi $12500 559/271-3448","13928879p-14492652c| FORD F-150 2004 4dr, loaded, lo mi, $18,500/obo","13906227p-14472664c| FORD F-150 2005 Lariat Super Crew, 4x4, 33k mi,","13883947p-14452791c| FORD F150 King Ranch 2006 4x4, all options, mint","13918510p-14483678c| FORD F150 XLT 1997 XCab, very nice, new tires $7000.","13898925p-14466321c| FORD F250 2003 CC 4x4 King Ranch, SWB, Powerstroke","13921700p-14486315c| FORD F250 2003 CC 4x4 King Ranch, SWB, Powerstroke","13898932p-14466339c| FORD F250 2003 SC Short, 4x4, 25K mi.. shell, Dead","13918517p-14483700c| FORD F250 2003 XLT Super Cab, Power stroke, 75k","13898928p-14466330c| FORD F250 2004 CC 4x4 Custom Wheels with 33's Lifted,","13921705p-14486325c| FORD F250 2004 CC 4x4 Custom Wheels with 33's Lifted,","12382579p-13109071c| FORD F250 2004 Super-Cab, 4x4, Pwr stroke, 13K #4EB93383","13385628p-14005221c| FORD F250 XLT 2000 Super Duty X-cab Pwr Stroke V8","13895093p-14463117c| FORD F250 XLT 2003 Super Duty Diesel Super Cab 4x4","13925700p-14489889c| FORD F-350 1984 1T diesel $3,500 559-353-7582 ","13910851p-14476952c| FORD F350 1992 dually, 118,500 mi, 4-dr, 7.5 Liter,","13902966p-14469732c| FORD F350 1999. 4x4 crew cab, longbed, V10, 129k","13889903p-14458135c| FORD F350 2001 Crew-Cab Dually, all factory options,","13925697p-14489912c| FORD F350 2001 Crew-Cab Dually, all factory options,","13898939p-14466346c| FORD F350 2002 4x4 Diesel, Crew Cab, 80k, nice $19,990","13921698p-14486307c| FORD F350 2002, SRW, crew cab, diesel, 4x4, LB,","13906232p-14472660c| FORD F350 2003, 4x4, 4dr, diesel, w/extras 155k","13898935p-14466324c| FORD F350 2005 CC 4x4, Powerstroke, 29k mi #91668","13921704p-14486321c| FORD F350 2005 CC 4x4, Powerstroke, 29k mi #91668","13898921p-14466310c| FORD F350 2006 4x2SC Powerstroke, 9k mi #68768 $31995","13921719p-14486354c| FORD F350 2006 4x2SC Powerstroke, 9k mi #68768 $31995","13912287p-14478124c| FORD Ranger 1994 PS, A/C, AM/FM cass, 4 cyl, 82k","13902971p-14469734c| FORD Ranger XLT 2001 Super Cab, xlnt cond, new clutch","13912278p-14478112c| GEO Tracker 1995 $1500/OBO. 559-307-3349 or 332-5937","13898924p-14466319c| GMC 1996 Pickup SL, Rack, Boxes, 47K miles #25889","13921709p-14486340c| GMC 1996 Pickup SL, Rack, Boxes, 47K miles #25889","13883946p-14452789c| GMC 2006 1 TON NEW, DIESEL, CONTRACTORS BOX $11,764","13069201p-13722381c| GMC Canyon SLE 2004 4x4 Crew-Cab 38K white $16,950.","13918522p-14483707c| GMC Dually Crew Cab 1983, less than 10k on new running","13925693p-14489910c| GMC Jimmy SLT 1994 4x4, lthr, 180K mi, perfect cond","13902962p-14469702c| GMC PU 1993 Loaded, very good condition. $3800/obo","13925686p-14489906c| GMC Sierra 1989 4x4 6'' lift, 3'' body, 2.5yr old","13898920p-14466302c| GMC Sierra 1989 4x4 6'' lift, 3'' body, 2.5yr old","13895099p-14463099c| GMC Sierra 2004 standard cab xlnt cond, super clean,","13889902p-14458154c| GMC Sierra 2500 2000 XCab, 72k mi, white, gray cloth","13921715p-14486363c| GMC Sierra 2500 SLE, 2000 XCab, 72k mi, white, gray","13902968p-14469711c| GMC Sierra SLE 2003 SB Xcab Z71 4x4 loaded, pwr","13918521p-14483696c| GMC Sierra SLE 2004 Crew Cab white w/shell, loaded,","13898940p-14466306c| GMC Yukon 2002 Denali 3RD SEAT, TV, DVD 86K $20K/obo","13888345p-14456981c| GMC Yukon 2007 V8, 5.3L, fuel flex, custom rims","13918509p-14483666c| GMC Yukon SLT 2003 Customized, 62k original/ owner","13906225p-14472663c| GMC Yukon SLT 2006 5.3L, loaded, prem. sound &","13921718p-14486314c| HONDA CRV EXL 2007 fully loaded, 2k mi $26000 (559)250-7976","13918520p-14483699c| HONDA Element EX 2006 4WD mint cond 8K. Xtras! $24,500","13898938p-14466345c| HONDA Passport 2002 2WD white 58k perfect $8990","13918515p-14483692c| HONDA PILOT 2003 red, DVD, xlnt cond, $17,750 559-325-8815","13912288p-14478136c| HONDA RIDGELINE 2006 4x4 Fully loaded! Navigation,","13898943p-14466353c| HUMMER H3 2006 4'' lift kit 35'' tires, loaded,","13895092p-14463119c| JEEP Cherokee 1989 Good running condition $1500/OBO","13902978p-14469721c| JEEP Cherokee Sport 2001, 4x4, 92k. Very clean,","13928876p-14492647c| JEEP CJ5 1965 Too many options to list. Trail ready","13918518p-14483701c| JEEP CJ5 1978 extras $6500 (559)760-7548 & (209)966-3868","13895087p-14463103c| JEEP Rubicon 2003AT, 2 Tops, 41k mi, some xtras.","13912279p-14478113c| JEEP US Mail 1978 V6, lots of new parts, runs great","13910855p-14476971c| JEEP Wrangler 1998 AT AC 78k $7800/OBO 559/ 224-6236","13928872p-14492631c| JEEP Wrangler 2003 6cyl. Hard top, AC, 37k miles","13928877p-14492653c| JEEP Wrangler 2005 6cyl. Moab lift, 35'' tires,","13921697p-14486306c| JEEP Wrangler Rubicon 1997 Dana 44s, Air Lockers,","13883945p-14452785c| JEEP Wrangler X 2005 26K mi, AC, CD, alarm, 31''","13912286p-14478135c| LAND ROVER Discovery SE 2003 47k mi, like new, xlnt","13921696p-14486301c| LAND ROVER HSE 2004 Loaded! Xlnt! warr. 71k mi $31,900","13902973p-14469743c| LEXUS GX470, 2004. loaded, 26K mi. white, $35,950.","13895085p-14463091c| LINC Aviator 2003 Fully loaded, very clean int,","13898942p-14466334c| LINC Navigator 2006 4x4 Blk DVD, Mnrf, Prem whls","13921706p-14486334c| LINC Navigator 2006 4x4 Blk DVD, Mnrf, Prem whls","13925692p-14489858c| LINC Navigtor 2001, 4WD, Mineral Grey, clean! Loaded","13925680p-14489864c| LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 84,500 mi, Pristine, Black,","13918525p-14483713c| LINCOLN town car 1992 runs good clean $1850 559-301-4370","13912282p-14478109c| MERCEDES S430 2002 black/tan int, xlnt cond, $30,000","13921714p-14486360c| MITSUBISHI PU 1993 5spd, 4cyl, runs good Work truck","13902981p-14469785c| NISSAN Frontier 2003 4dr Crew cab S/B, 62k mi, AT","13902969p-14469714c| NISSAN Frontier LE 2007 5K+ mi, Crew cab, 4WD, loaded,","13928880p-14492659c| NISSAN Frontier LE 4x4 2007 5K+ mi, V6, AT, 4WD,","13921699p-14486310c| NISSAN Murano 2003 AWD Loaded! Navigation! Heated","13921712p-14486345c| NISSAN SE 1986 V6, A/C, tow pkg, hardbody, 4x4.","13921708p-14486312c| PORSCHE Cayenne S 2004 1 owner, great car, perfect","13898941p-14466313c| RANG ROVER HSE 2006 Navigation, All options #209785","13898931p-14466336c| SUBARU Outback 2005 AWD, 5dr wagon, 30k mi. $18,500","13895097p-14463107c| TOYOTA 1970 PU AT, rblt eng, AC, good cond $3800/OBO","13431071p-14045617c| TOYOTA 4-Runner 1984 Built up for 4-wheeling. lots","13918526p-14483673c| TOYOTA 4Runner 1994 4x4 SR5, 3.0 AT, 176k mi, runs","13921701p-14486317c| TOYOTA 4Runner 1995 2WD V6 3.0L loaded $5500 559/907-1323","13883950p-14452803c| TOYOTA 4Runner 1996 LTD Runs & looks great,","13925683p-14489860c| TOYOTA Highlander 2002 4x4, Limited, pwr all, lo","13902979p-14469778c| TOYOTA Highlander 2004 2WD, 4cyl, 38k mi, xlnt cond","13889906p-14458146c| TOYOTA LandCruiser 1966 4.3 V6 marlin crawler, T","13912277p-14478111c| TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 1971 V8 350, 4spd, PB, PS, 35's","13912283p-14478125c| TOYOTA Landcruiser 1991 175k mi, good cond $5500","13925687p-14489869c| TOYOTA Landcruiser 1992 xlnt mechanical cond, great","13918519p-14483689c| TOYOTA Land Cruiser 1999 good cond $12,000 559/287-0089","13925690p-14489918c| TOYOTA Land curiser 1986 new paint runs strong,","13918524p-14483691c| TOYOTA PU 2005 SR5 PreRunner, dbl cab, 42k mi. $23,500","13925689p-14489916c| TOYOTA RAV4 1999 4dr loaded, only 70K mi XLNT CAR","13906234p-14472645c| TOYOTA Tacoma 1990 V6, 4x4, 5spd, clean. $4800/obo","13898933p-14466343c| TOYOTA Tacoma 2003 97k hwy mi, white, A/C, CD, 2WD,","13921710p-14486342c| TOYOTA Tacoma 2005 5spd, blue, matching shell, $11,500.","13906223p-14472649c| TOYOTA Tacoma 2005 PreRunner, dbl cab, white, 39k,","13921711p-14486343c| TOYOTA Tacoma SR5 2006 Access Cab, all pwr, remote","13918514p-14483697c| TOYOTA Tundra 2004 XCab, SR5, loaded, Snug Top,","13921703p-14486320c| TOYOTA Tundra 2005 AT, AC, 41k mi, V8, long cab","13925681p-14489874c| TOYOTA Tundra 2005 SR5 4WD D/Cab 29k $21,900 281-3120","13928875p-14492632c| TOYOTA Tundra 2006, SR5, 4WD 8k mi, V8, tow pkg,", "xxx" ]; // content section array var adsectionarray = []; adsectionarray[0] = "/autos"; adsectionarray[1] = "/pets"; adsectionarray[2] = "/realestate"; adsectionarray[3] = "/recreational_vehicles"; adsectionarray[4] = "/trucks_suvs"; // select a random category to use for this time around var currentcategory = parseInt(Math.random()*(adarray.length-1)); adheader="
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\""; // create the regular expression used to check for non-breaking lines var nonbreakinglinespattern = eval("/\\S{"+ maxwordwidth +",}/"); var nonbreakinglines = new RegExp(nonbreakinglinespattern); // create a blank variable to hold all the code var adhtml = ""; // create an array to mark the used ads (to avoid duplicates) var usedads = []; // create a variable to increment for counting the ads var totalcount = 0 // create a temporary array of the proper array for this category var tmparray = adarray[currentcategory]; // find out how many items are in that array var tmparraycount = tmparray.length-1; // create the random ad variable. this will be the randomly created // index of the array element we're working with var currentad = 0; // check to see if the maxdisplay amount is larger than the count of // items in the ad array. If so, lower it so that we don't get into // an endless loop. if (maxdisplay > tmparraycount) maxdisplay = tmparraycount; // while we have ads and while those ads aren't already used, // cycle thru the proper array and get those ads while (totalcount < maxdisplay) { // assign a random number to the current ad variable currentad = parseInt(Math.random()*tmparraycount); // if that item is already used, assign a different one while (usedads[currentad]) { currentad = parseInt(Math.random()*tmparraycount); } // create a local scope copy of the ad format var thisadformat = adformat; // split the elements of the ad array into parts we can use var randomadelements = tmparray[currentad].split("|"); // make sure this ad doesn't go beyond the max char width // this would mean the table would be wider than it should if (nonbreakinglines.exec(randomadelements[1])) continue; // create the URL for the ad from the current category adurl=baseurl+adsectionpath+adsectionarray[currentcategory] + "/story/" + randomadelements[0]+"."+"html"; // create the text for the link adtext=randomadelements[1].substr(0,adchars); // do some replacement magic if (totalcount % 2 == 0) { thisadformat = thisadformat.replace(/divstyle/g, "\"styleA\""); } else { thisadformat = thisadformat.replace(/divstyle/g, "\"styleB\""); } thisadformat=thisadformat.replace(/\[/g, "\"+").replace(/\]/g, "+\""); // evaluate the local scope ad format and append it to the ad html adhtml += eval(thisadformat); // increment the total count totalcount++; // mark this ad as used usedads[currentad] = 1; } // write the html out document.write("
"); document.write(adheader); document.write(adhtml); document.write(eval(adfooter)); document.write("